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D Street Mandala Balance board



Constructed from 10ply Maple and pressed, the 30in long deck is extremely durable, allowing you to push the board to the maximum with pop-shove it's, kick flips, jumps and hang 5 and 10's on the horizon. We've seen someone backflip from and back onto one of these bad boys! Combine these with juggling balls or clubs, or fire if you dare, for an ultimate challenge. 

The ABS Roller is again extremely strong and comes ready gripped with 3x3M strips providing maximum grip giving you more time to roll and get those shifties in.

The deck is gripped with a clear sand, boasting the lovely graphic and providing great grip to both shoes and bare feet.   


D-street Mandala Original balance board Features:

  • Board: 30 inches long 17.5 inches wide
  • Roller:  18 inches long 6.2 inches diameter 
  • Abrasive grip roller
  • Natural maple wood with stoppers
  • Spray grip
  • Improve your balance skills in the comfort of your own home
  • Great for skateboarding, surfing, wakeboarding and any other board sports
  • Loads of tricks to master
  • Great fun and a good work out
  • So good even our staff own these


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