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Loser Machine Death Grip Leather Gloves



The Loser Machine Deathgrip gloves are made from premium-quality leather and come with a logo-patch on the back of the hand, contrast-colored lining and a cool suture-stitch on the wrist. They are available in various cool colorways.


- premium-quality leather
- logo-patch on the back of the hand
- suture-stitch on the wrist
- contrast-colored lining

Material: 100% leather


A great glove from an awesome brand! Nice and grippy while comfortable to wear. The Deathgrips have a grip of death on your motorcycle, bike, or steering wheel and they're pretty warm which is great for colder days, just not the dead of winter.

These gloves are super! Great quality and very comfortable to wear. Ideally a summertime glove. Thanks guys see you for my next order.

Out of stock.