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Snugg Wetsuits UK

The fit of a wetsuit is critical to your surfing/spearfishing/diving experience. Sometimes finding a wetsuit that perfectly fits your body is too much work. Instead of running from post to pillar to find your ideal wetsuit, why not get it tailor-made to save all the hassles and time?

The Board Barn is an official supplier of Snugg Wetsuits in the UK where you can buy high-quality wetsuits in bespoke shapes and sizes to fit your size and body type. With a bespoke wetsuit, you are assured of excellent comfort and performance!

Snugg Wetsuits' designs will embrace your curves to ensure a snug fit and will flex and bend according to your body movement. A wetsuit like that – designed with you and for you – is all you need to amplify the enjoyment while surfing or spearfishing.

Talking about features, these wetsuits have Aero Zirconium fabric technology, which helps in body heat retention to ensure absolute protection against cold water and wind. Tailored in stretchable fabric, these wetsuits offer unmatched flexibility, which means you will never feel stiffness around the knee, elbow or shoulder joints; hence, greater mobility.

Snugg Wetsuits pays a fair share of attention towards the appearance of their wetsuits. That explains why their wetsuit's design feels comfortable and looks seamless, thanks to the blindstitched, heat-sealed seams throughout the body.

Browse through our extensive range of sport-specific, high-performance wetsuits for all types of weather conditions, body types and budget preference."