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Surfboard Bags in UK

The Board Barn provides surfboard bags that perfectly fit your board and budget. All surfboard bags offered by us are made of top-quality material that protects your most prized surfing possessions. These bags come in handy for easy storage and transportation and also keeps that pungent smell of the ocean off your board. Too much heat or rough handling can cause permanent damage to your surfboard. And buying a new one is not exactly cheap. Surfboard bags are an affordable way to keep your surfboard free from damage.

Buy surfboard bags in the UK from The Board Barn to ensure safe storage and convenient transportation of your surfboard. We have a variety of designs and colours to match your individual preference, including the most popular ones, like charcoal grey, navy grey and black.

Zip it up and you're good to go!

Surfboard bags are easy to put on and off. Zip it up to seal your surfboard to protect it from unintentional scratches. The zippers on these bags are of premium quality, which go a long way without losing their functionality. ​

Few surfers out there prefer surfboard wrap bags over zipped bags, because a wrap bag can store multiple surfboards, regardless of size, and eliminates the need to zip up and down. You, too, can consider this option if wrapping and unwrapping around the surfboard sounds easier to you.

If you want something outside our existing collection of surfboard bags, we are ready to source it for you.

Buy Surfboard Travel Bags

Buying a surfboard is an expensive investment. And if you want to keep it in good condition, it’s crucial to protect it with a surfboard bag. The Board Barn is a trusted supplier of surfboard bags in the UK. We offer highly durable surfboard bags that you can use to store your surfboard as well as other accessories.

Particularly in excessive heat, you need a surfboard bag to keep your surfboard along with spare fins and wax because the last thing you want is melted wax all over your car seats.

Our extensive collection includes a wide range of styles, colours and styles of bags. Whether you are looking for a wrap bag or a specific colour, you’ll find a suitable bag in our collection or we can source it for you.

A high-quality surfboard bag can add years to your surfboard. Whether you are riding to a nearby beach or flying Down Under to catch some glorious waves, our durable bags will secure your precious surfboards from any harsh damage. Place your order today.