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TOKYO Middorengusu (Goo Sue)



The Middorengusu loving known as the ‘Goo Sue’  is a modern classic design, it draws on design features that have worked for decades but has a sprinkle of modern day magic.

Inspired by the clean long lines drawn by traditional single fins, this mid length has a traditional soul but a child like keenness to just run wild.

The Goo Sue, loves to run & jive, fast turns & quick direction changes are made possible by the fairly flat rocker, double concave & hard tucked rails off the tail.

A great all rounder that really comes to life in the slightly bigger punchier surf.

Capable of making flat sections and making good out of disappointing small surf this board really comes to life in shoulder high plus.


Can be ridded as a single fin in those nice open clean faces or as 2+1 in the choppier stuff.


Standard construction is 10 oz deck & 6 oz slick , matt white sanded finish, as with all our models this board can be custom ordered with resin tints, foam sprays, deck patches, fin patches, gloss & polished what ever your heart desires we can build it.


Standard dimensions:

6’6” x 20 1/2 “ x 2 9/16” approx 38 ltr

6’8” x 20 1/2 “ x 2 5/8” approx 41 ltr

6’10” x 20 3/4 “ x 2 11/16” approx 43 ltr

7’0” x 21 1/16” x 2 3/4 “ approx 45 ltr

7’2” x 21 1/4 “ x 2 7/8” approx 47 ltr

7’4” x 21 1/2 ‘ x 2 7/8” approx 49 ltr

7’6” x 21 3/4” x 2 7/8” approx 51 ltr