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Wetsuits Hire

Surfing requires you to stay in water for a long time. Also, it gets a little uncomfortable to surf as the water approaches freezing point. Therefore, while heading to the beach with your surfboard, it is important to protect your body from the pricky sun and piercing chills of water. That's where a wetsuit comes in handy.

The Board Barn offers premium wetsuits for hire in Croyde that pretty much solve the riddle of varying body shapes. We have wetsuits available in various styles and thicknesses so that you can choose the right wetsuit according to the weather condition and your individual preference.

Our wetsuits will make you look more stylish and enjoy unrestricted mobility to perform every trick that you know. With enhanced durability and incredible fit, you can never go wrong in one of our wetsuits. To complete your surfing gear, you can get a pair of matching gloves and boots, which are really helpful during cold weather.

If you think you can go on without a wetsuit during warmer months, you might want to think again. The purpose of a wetsuit is not limited to protecting you from extreme temperatures; it also keeps moisture and UV rays at bay. So, even if the sun is shining hot, you are going to need a wetsuit anyway.

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