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DMC Repellor fins





The REPELLOR® is DMCfins? newest Patent Pending swimfin design.
With its ultra-comfortable - universal foot cavity and Innovative RVR (Reverse VEE Rail) Technology,

the REPELLOR® is a high-end OCEAN A.P.D. (Aquatic Propulsion Device) for use in all facets of surf requirements. 
Bodysurfing / Bodyboarding / Lifeguarding / Ocean Swimming
If Speed is what you need then the REPELLOR® Fin is for you.
REPELLOR® Fins perform as an extension of the body and can be used to improve lower body fitness, 

leg strength and ankle flexibility while maximizing your speed in the water.



The DMC REPELLOR® Fins have adapted ?RVR? (REVERSE VEE Rails) Technology 
to the blade area which is engineered to capture the maximum volume of water and
INCREASE VELOCITY during the down kick. 
This 'Super-Feature' engages during Maximum Down Kick thrust to extend the rails 
to their widest point and provide a Turbo Boost unlike any other swimfin. 

The REPELLOR® Fins? ?RVR? Reverse VEE Rail, Top Rail - acts to Stabilize while Trailing
through the water when wave riding.
DMCs Design Team has adapted the RVR for all Ocean uses inclduing? 
Surf rescue, Bodysurfing, Bodyboarding, Surf Swimming and Snorkelling.

REPELLOR® have an extra super feature that is unique to their design: 
Patent Pending Interlocking Lugs stand your REPELLOR®
for LIFEGUARD Eveready Rescue Prep


We have various colour options available the special eddition graphic series fins are on special offer too.

XXS = Euro 35 UK 1-2

XS    = Euro 37 UK 3-4

S      = Euro 38 UK 5-6

M    = Euro 41 UK 7-8

ML  = Euro 43 UK 8-9

L      = Euro 45 UK 9-10

XL    = Euro 47 UK 11-12


Mainland UK shipping is £6.95 please contact us for international shipping quotes.




Copy & paste this link to watch Don explain the fin for you :-)