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Paddle Boarding Croyde UK

Paddle Boarding is an easier and exciting alternative to surfing. Since it does not require any prior skills or experience, anyone with little knowledge of paddle boarding can ride small waves, sail across still waters or use it as a means to travel.

The Board Barn provides complete equipment for paddle boarding in Croyde. Available in a variety of designs and materials to choose from, you can have a paddle board that fits your taste and budget. Whether you want to buy or rent a paddle board, The Board Barn is a one-stop destination for you. To make your paddle boarding experience more relaxed and enjoyable, we provide a traction pad that keeps you in place even if the swells get bigger and nastier. The key is to stay on the board for as long as you can, and the traction pad makes it easier for you.

We offer epoxy boards that are lightweight and more durable as compared to their fibreglass counterparts. And as far as the board-size and price are concerned, we place our extensive variety against your varied requirements, so that you are in a better position to pick the right match for yourself.

Looking for paddle boarding equipment in Croyde? Call us to rent or buy at highly competitive prices.

Do I Need To Take a Paddle Boarding Lesson?
Paddle boarding is one of the easiest watersports out there. Whether you are looking for something easier for your kids or you’re not particularly athletic, it’s the perfect way to add some fun to your beach vacation. If you are too nervous, you can find instructors for paddle boarding. But for the most part, you can easily figure out how to get on the board, properly position your feet and paddle. You may fall a couple of times, but you’ll likely figure it out in no time.

Why Choose Epoxy Paddle Boards?


Typically, epoxy stand up paddle boards (SUP) are made of multiple layers of fibreglass and epoxy resin to prevent dents or cracks.


In order to float on water, you need a paddle board that’s lightweight. Epoxy SUPs are extremely lightweight, making them easy to carry and steer on the water.


Epoxy paddle boards are well-known for their agility. The shape of the board makes it glide through waters without any difficulty. If you're going on long-distance adventures, epoxy paddle boards are a perfect choice.


Since epoxy paddle boards are so light, they are incredibly convenient to maneuver. It requires less effort to paddle and control. This is an ideal option if you’re looking for a SUP for racing.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Not all paddle boards are created equal. The Board Barn exclusively supplies well-designed paddle boards that are made to last. Our paddle boards are lightweight to easily float on water yet durable enough to withstand rough waves. We pride ourselves on offering high-quality paddle boards at competitive prices. If you are looking to rent paddle boards, we have affordable options available. Whether you need a paddle board for racing or a family adventure, you’ll find a suitable option in our collection.

At The Board Barn, we strictly follow the best practices when it comes to delivery. Every product in our collection goes through several checks to ensure quality standards. You can expect us to properly pack paddle boards so they arrive at your doorstep without a scratch. In the highly unlikely event, the paddle board is damaged, we are happy to provide a replacement or any other suitable solution. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Place your order today.