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Circle One 9' Bamboo Longboard



9′ x 22 1/2″ x 2 3/4″- Volume 67.28L

Circle One Bamboo longboards have been given a sleek new look, but with the same enduring performance we have come to expect from the Bamboo models. They have added in the 9′ length to replace the 9′ 2″ in the new design, to bring uniformity to our ranges. Shaped to perfection, the single concave from the nose to slight V in tail allows you to work the wave to generate surprising speed. The round pin tail gives extra hold, control and traction on the wave.

The board features a 60/40 rail profile with more edge towards the tail which makes for a responsive ride when getting your weight to the end. The 2 + 1 fin set up gives extra hold but can also be ridden as a classic single fin in more leisurely surf. Whether you want a lazy ride, hang ten from the nose or carve from the tail, this board allows you to surf with confidence, style and grace. A classic longboard with a performance edge when you need it. Perfect for all abilities and surf conditions and designed with UK surf conditions in mind.

C1 use a full 1.5mm thick sustainably-sourced bamboo sheet in the production of the bamboo surfboard range, so the bamboo becomes integral to the sandwich construction of the board.  This produces a board of exceptional strength to weight ratio, and unique flex and responsive ride characteristics which comes from the bamboo. Some other manufacturer’s boards sold as ‘bamboo’ may use a paper-thin veneer bamboo sheet (as little as 0.2mm thick) or a ‘printed’ bamboo-effect veneer and whilst it may look nice, offers no construction benefits. With Circle One Bamboo Surfboards, the bamboo not only looks stunning but delivers a real tangible difference in the construction of the board and the quality of the ride. 

Circle One are a Devon based company & owner Jeff has been part of the UK surf industry since it first began back in the day.