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Imersion Mini Board Bouy, Diver Down Float/Flag



Imersion Mini-Board Buoy.

Double bladder float with a nylon 420 denier cover.

Top Side - 3 velcro strap sealing pouches, 3 D-Rings centred on the 3 nylon straps, two pairs of velcro straps to hold spearguns, 2 elastic bands to hold other equipment, A-Flag

Bottom Side - 6 Plastic D-Rings - 3 on each side with 4 clips, 1 centre D-Ring for the guide line, 2 pairs of velcro straps for two spearguns, 3 velcro straps to hold the buoy line holder, elastic bands on each side to secure spare shafts.

Comes with a free goody bag.

An exerlent value station, way easier than making something with noodles & a body board ;-)