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4 Tips to Rent a Surfboard in the UK

4 Tips to Rent a Surfboard in the UK
5 Jun 2023

Nobody wants to miss out on the experience of riding the waves on vacation. Surfing is one thing most beach lovers adore. 

So, if it is your first time going for a surf, choosing the right store in Croyde for surf gear hire becomes paramount. 

Although one always has the option of buying a surfboard, carrying it everywhere can be a hassle, especially if you are a tourist in the UK. Therefore, renting it from the local boardwalk is the most feasible option. 

To help you rent the best surfboard, we compiled four important tips to rent a surfboard in the UK.

Let’s take a look:

1.Surfboard should be good to go

Excitement can be hard to control, especially when you will have the first surfing experience of your life, but it is best not to get carried away with it. 

In other words, before paying the cash and walking out with the surfboard, check whether it is in good condition. Do not choose a weary surfboard, as that won’t allow you to create optimum balance while riding the waves. Also, ensure the leash is included and the board is not waxed. If the rental service asks you for an extra charge for these two things, walk out of their store. 

2. Watch out for prices and carry your docs.

Since you are going surfing for the first time, you won’t be aware of the documents you need to carry to rent a surfboard. Most rental services will ask you for an ID card or a passport for verification and a full monetary deposit when renting. Also, do not expect every store to have the same time template. Some may easily rent a surfboard for half a day at a nominal price, while others may not agree to rent you for more than an hour if you are on a limited budget. 

3. Rent from the boardwalk

People may look for a rental service far away from the beach to save a few pounds. They tend to overlook the time and transportation costs they will likely inherit. Therefore, it is best not to be silly and look for a rental service on the beach itself. Doing that will save precious vacation time and bypass the hassle of returning it to the owner. You can utilise that time in riding for a few more hours. 

4. Acknowledge the conditions

While surfing is all fun, you must also know the cons. Rental services are very particular about time since they also have to rent the board to other people. Therefore, they can charge compensation if you do not return the board on time. Besides that, if the board gets damaged, you may have to pay half the total cost of the board. Therefore, read the terms and conditions carefully before heading to the waters. 

Final Thoughts

Nothing can be compared to the first surfing experience. It is thrilling and adventurous, to say the least. However, novices must know these four points while renting a surfboard from a rental service. It will help them evade penalties, and they can make the most out of their surfing time



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