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Captain Fin Muckluck Prairie 8.5 inch Pivot Longboard Fin



Captain Fin Muckluck Prairie 8.5 inch Pivot Longboard Surfboard Fin

This is the first in the Captain Fin Limited Artist Collection. It is a collaboration between two amazing talents, Thomas Campbell and Tanner Prairie. Tanner laid out a great template and Thomas added his patchwork print pattern. Tanner says this template works well in his Dash model as well his mid-length boards.

• Compatibility: US Fin Box.
• Construction: Fibreglass.
• Flex: Stiff.
• Height: 8.5inches.
• Base: 8inches.

The go to outline for the noseriding elite, pivot fins have a vertical full outline with a wide base. They are designed to slow you down and keep the tail in the water while you are on the nose. Best in square tail logs, but add a classic feel to any log. Best surfed in shoulder heigh & below.