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Tokyo Rogu



The Tokyo Rogu is an out and out nose-riding log. If you want to cross step and hang ten all day long then this is the board for you. 

This parallel railed wave hog has been designed as the ultimate nose riding vehicle. Derived from the refined nose riding shapes that graced the breaks of Calli in the mid to late 60’s, this board features pinched 50/50 rails, subtle roll, a deep nose concave and plenty of tail kick. Not quite reverse rocker but you get the idea.

Stick a D fin in and have all the time in the world to cross step & hang toes, if you like a little more turning agility a nice 10" 4A or flow fin will allow you to trim with ease whilst still having all that hold.

Standard Dims: 9'6" x 22 7/8" x 2 7/8" (nose 18 1/2" tail 16 1/2")

Standard construction is sanded white PU 10 oz deck 6 oz slick at £975 as with all our models full custom options are available, deck patch, fin patch, foam spray, resin tint, gloss and polish......we can build your dream board.