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Tokyo 8-Oh




First things first, this is NOT A MINI MAL OK!

The 8-oh is a high preformance mid length which is essentially a scaled down version of the 9'1"

A little nose flip to help with those late take off's, the single to double concave can move gallons of water and the slight V off the tail & hard rails has this board feeling realy fast but supprisingly agile.

The 2+1 fin set up gives you single, thruster & side bite options, but its best ridden with around 7.5" centre & 3.75" sides

Happy in 3' to anything you think you can paddle it out in.

Standard dims are 8' x 21' 2 3/4" but we will of course tweak these to suit you.

£695 for a sanded whote 10 oz / 6 oz model add a colour for an extra £50 as with all Tokyo's these can be fully customised, resin tints, foam sprays, glossed & polished.....whatever you decide we can have built.