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Tokyo Surfboards 'Betsu Bara' x DODK



The Tokyo surfboards Betsu Bara is a retro rehash of the classic old Lis style fish, the boards that started it all, they have updated the design running a single concave throughout the majority of the bottom, like almost straight off the nose, whilst adding a beak into the nose to keep the volume, thers's  a nice vee release in the last 10’’ or so off the tail. Super flat under the chest this board paddels into waves with amazing ease.
This board (as most fish boards) is a high volume surfboard, extremely fast due to a very flat rocker and a lot of area and float throughout the board. This is a great model to add to your quiver whether you are a progressing beginner or a pro, super fast, super skatey a small wave magnet.

A must for mushy summer days when your shortboard doesn’t seem to get you moving. Futures twin fin setup needing big keels for all but the smallest of riders, happiest in 3-5' skilled riders might just squeeze overhead out of this board but its really for the smaller days & the Kumaddo is for the big days.

Custom fabric in lays in this co lab model with Demons of Doom Killers add to the strength, the boards are 8oz 4oz S-Glass with additional 4oz fin patches. (we've all seen those twinnys popping fin plugs)

These boards are limited run edditions. The only two in this style left are 5'4" x 22 3/16" x  2 5/8" 37 liters. This believe me is plenty for anyone of up to 5'10" & 85kg & 5'2" x 22" x 2 1/2" 33.5 liters this is plenty for anyone under 75kg

£555 for a custom fabric in layed S-Glass surfboard is an absolute steal!!!!! built properly here in the UK using UK based materials.

There is a chargeable demo board in the shop, its £30 for 24 hours, if you go on to purchase a board we will deduct the demo fee from your final sale price ;-)

This is a collection only board, sadly we just dont trust any carriers at the moment. If you wish to arrange your own collection please give us a call in the shop to make arrangements.