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Tokyo Surfboards 'Akachan Kuma'



The Akachan Kuma (baby bear)

Tha baby bear is actually the brain child of a good Tokyo customer & long term customer of Board Barn, its a highperformance mini longboard, based around the See-Boo & the Goo-Sue. Input from us was fed to Steve Hendon who ultimatley turned all the ideas into a physical master peice.

A single to deep double concave allows the board to be playful in 2' conditions & supprisingly fast in 6' its probably at it's happiest in 3-5' with a 7" centre and small side bites, even quad rears as sides. You can have any size as long as it's 7'4" this is one of those shapes that doesn't scale up or down well, it is what it is, theres pleanty of other boards in the range that can offer something similay in differing sizes.

The board sits in the water lovely and feels really good whilst paddling, the board really engages on the wave face making it an all round performance mini mal. It suits a bit more of a face and needs a more aggressive approach, this board would fly at Lynmouth. 

This model is 10oz 6oz glassed with a matte red resin tint finish.

Sold, custom orders availabl in 5-6 weeks.